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Setting Up For Success

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A mindset management system to create predictable success whilst overcoming the unnecessary stress, chaos and overwhelm that creates failure.


A 7-day live program September 18-24 complete with mindset coaching, instruction in the system, daily meditations, Q&A’s and activities to put your new knowledge into practice.

Mark your calendar for the dates of Setting Up For Success because you won’t want to miss a minute and sign up below to reserve your spot:​


The Setting Up for Success system hands you powerful self-leadership tools to help you radically evolve your world. By harnessing the success you already have, I’ll show you how you can access a more profound sense of mission and purpose, sharpen your mind and finally release your passions and gifts to the world. 


I’m giving you this system and everything that comes with it for free. This level of instruction and mindset work typically costs thousands, and it’s some of the same practices I share with my one-on-one coaching clients. I’ve never shared this in a free programme before, but I want to give you the tools to harness your most powerful asset: your mind.

  • You’re ready to take a leap, but you’re not sure of the next steps (or if you’re even fully capable).

  • You know you have more to give to the world than you’re currently giving.

  • You’ve experienced success, but you feel a tug of yearning for deeper meaning. 

  • You’ve read the books and listened to the experts, but none of it has matched the fire blazing in your belly.

  • You’re done settling for a second best version of yourself.

  • You want to be someone who takes decisive action with powerful results.

Setting Up For Success is for you if:

Our Schedule

Kickoff Sunday 9/18 at 6 pm CEST

Day 2 - 19 September at 9 am CEST

Day 3 - 20 September at 9 am CEST

Day 4 - 21 September at 9 am CEST

Day 5 - 22 September at 9 am CEST

Day 6 - 23 September at 6 pm CEST

Day 7 - 24 September at 9 am CEST

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