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to the roots

series one

Practical psychology & Behavioural Change methods to rapidly uncover client blocks and create powerful breakthroughs

Instantly upgrade your coaching skills and confidence to take your client results to
a whole new level.
Learn how to apply a masterful tried and tested coaching framework that will instantly upgrade your confidence and your ability to create sustainable change within the lives of your clients.
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Coaches, healers, wellbeing professionals, 


uncovering your clients blocks and shifting their behaviours doesn't have to take months when you know where to start. 

In fact huge breakthroughs can be created in just a few hours with a masterful coaching framework.

Get To The Roots of your clients blocks.

Many coaching programs may well cover the basics of human behaviour but a lot of the time they lack a timeless framework rooted in practical psychology with tools to be able to support any client, no matter where they are in their journey.


Without proven structures a lack of confidence in the coach can often become the obstacle that holds them back from creating the thriving coaching practice they desire. 

We know it, you're passionate about human behaviour & want to confidently support your clients to achieve their results

Your passion for serving other humans drives your consistent desire to absorb the information and experiences that assures you’ll be the the best coach/ leader possible. 


Intuition plays a key role in coaching however, the initial confidence of masterful coaches comes from using tried and tested structures that assure you know exactly where to start, what to do next and how to predictably create breakthroughs for you clients every session. 


The good news is there’s a sequence to creating mind blowing results for your clients and it starts at the roots. 

During This Training 

During training you will gain access to one of the most game changing bodies of work combined with a powerful coaching structure that will assure you can confidently assess & confirm the root of a clients block and create predictable breakthroughs in every single coaching session. 


You will learn how to get straight to the roots of your clients behaviours, accurately uncovering the key blocks holding them back and radically shortening the time it takes for you to co-create incredible results. 


The truth is human beings are complex in nature yet these complexities have been studied for many years and through the thousands of hours of research commonalities have been uncovered that all humans share at the root of their behaviour. 


Understanding these commonalities means what was once a complex mystery is now something that can be predictably navigated through a practical structure. 


This program is going to give you the keys to practical psychology in ways which will blow your mind in a very short space of time. 


Amongst other professionals, Tony Robbins himself first formulated the foundations of this body of work over two decades ago after working with hundreds of thousands of humans from all over the globe. 


Around a decade ago I started to build a coaching method to bring this body of work to life so that I could teach it to other professionals in a short space of time instead of the hundreds of hours of study, and application it took me. 


This first of six trainings will radically change the length of time it takes for you to build deep connection, understanding and incredible results with your clients. 


What may have previously taken months will now take a less than a few hours. 


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Callum is known for his grounded yet compassionately unfiltered approach to co-creating powerful shifts in his clients reminding them of who they are, what they are capable of and guiding them to bring this potential to life. 

Callum is the founder of Inner leadership Coaching Academy

an international coaching certification dedicated to raising the standards of the coaching industry creating exceptional coaches 

who create immense impact in the lives of their clients. 

For over a decade Callum has helped men and women become re-engaged with their lives overcoming past blocks, re- creating confidence, clarity and the courage to lead their careers, relationships and wellbeing in ways which truly nourish them and those they love and interact with. 

After becoming one of the youngest trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy 10 years ago at 22 years old Callum has since studied and embodied practices in Yoga, Ayurveda & Martial Arts whilst studying practical psychology and teaching and training  coaches, leadership teams and wellbeing professionals

alike in Mindset, Self Mastery and Integral Leadership practices. 



Callum has Spoken on stage with Europes leading fitness professionals, led Project with The Telegraph Londons leadership team, competed in Ninja Warrior UK & Supported Leading CEOs in a variety of industries. 


Price Anchor

To The Roots 3 Day Online Training Starts July 24th - 26th   

 Price £300 
until July 24th
£399 until Friday 28th  
then £599 moving forward.

*Investing in this course contributes as credit towards the full Inner Leadership Coaches Certification.


Your investment will therefore be a contribution to the full certification should you decide to join within 6 months of attending this course.  

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