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become an ILA
certified MASTER COACH?

Our gold standard  certification program will help you master the skills you need to feel 100% confident in any coaching scenario, impact the lives of your clients on a deeper level than ever before, and build an integral coaching business  that allows you to thrive. 

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Registration for the next academy opens on September 20th. Save up to 20% on investment in presale list. 

ILA Expert Coaches support and mentor you over a       12 month period. You will build exceptional new levels of confidence and take your coaching skills and business to a whole new level. 

Create un-matched results 

and stand out as an expert 

in your space 

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Have behind the scenes access to world class coaches learning direct from their methods 

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Have access to a community of coaches to network with 

learn from and be inspired and encouraged by each others journey 

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Joe Aston - Men's Shamanic Coach 

Going through the academy blew my mind. It helped me truly harness my gifts as a coach and leader and feel incredibly confident in leading my clients through whatever comes up. 

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Emma Barfield - Leadership & Human Design Coach 

This structure allows me to weave my own coaching magic confidently. My clients are having such beautiful breakthroughs. 

Why choose the Inner Leadership Coaching Academy?  

Get the guidance, tools, structures, and experience you need to help your clients powerfully transform their lives in the most epic ways possible, whilst setting your coaching business up to succeed. 


Create un-matched results 

Learn how to create the kind of results that are undeniable. The kind of results that could  build a successful coaching business through word of mouth alone as you master coaching tools and templates that assure you create success with any client from all walks of life. 

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RECEIVE Guaranteed Value

You will become the best coach you can possibly be. If you commit to the academy for 10 months and, at the end, don’t think it was the best coaching experience of your life, we’ll give you a refund for every penny you spent. No questions asked


Take your coaching skills to the gold standard level

Learn from the best coaches watching them coach live, observing how they handle a variety of coaching situations whilst be guided through tried and tested coaching program structures. 


Learn from real expert coaches 

Through weekly, live online workshops led by the ILA leading coaches, you’ll practice what you’re learning with peers, get expert feedback, troubleshoot, and take your learning to the next level.

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Feel more confident and prepared than ever before 

Develop your skills in a safe space to practice going through  real-world coaching scenarios, interactive coaching assignments all designed to help you master your craft all supported by regular feedback and guidance from the expert coaching team. 


Join a community of 

incredible coaches 

Have access to a community of coaches to network with 

learn from and be inspired and encouraged by each others journey. Being a coach can be a lonely journey but not as a part of the ILA community. 

If you are ready to stand out in the coaching industry, 
create a meaningful impact and successful coaching business-- The ILA was created for you. 


What is it?

An 10 month academy for coaches and professionals who value integral, impactful, raw, and practical coaching & leadership to assure they are being the epic leader they know they are here to be. 

Born from 12 years of coaching experience the ILA is the gold standard for coaching certifications assuring the highest competence and confidence of its students upon certification.

Extensively covering self mastery, coaching mastery and business mastery to assure your legitimate success from all angles. 

Using a fusion of practical psychology, mindset, self development and spirituality where methods from the east meet methods from the west as a true integration of the most powerful modalities for coaching and leadership success. 

Who is it for?

Aspiring Coaches 

New Coaches 

Experienced Coaches 


We have a whole host of awesome humans join us 




Because this is far beyond a course, certification or academy, 

this is an experience that helps you deepen your wisdom, knowledge and capacity regardless of where you are starting from and what you are starting with leaving no stone left unturned. 



  • Wellbeing Professionals 

  • Yoga Instructors 

  • Human Design Readers 

  • Breathwork Facilitators 

  • Reiki Practitioners 

  • Business Coaches 

  • Nutritionists 


if you are a professional who values 

Integrity, making the best impact you can, a structure to build more confidence knowing you have all the tools and experience to take clients through the transformative experience you desire, the ILA is for you.

The Academy IS designed to

The ILA syllabus is designed in a way which creates legitimate, integral up-levels in confidence and competence for anyone who joins with the commitment to better themselves. 


All whilst equipping you with a wealth of pathways to... 


  • Upgrade your coaching tool kit

  • Master new leadership attributes

  • Understand the basics of coaching business

  • Learn how to create your own transformational courses 

  • Get to know who you are here to serve 

  • Build exceptional experience whilst being guided by world-class coaches 

  • Gain access to transformational coaching structures that can become the guidelines to creating success with any client and any goal 

This training equips you with the most powerful tools from NLP, Mindset coaching, psychology, and an amalgamation of over a decade of Callum's coaching experience working with thousands of humans from all over the globe assuring you have the confidence and competence required to succeed in the coaching world. 


During your time as a student you will be not only supported in your professional development but also your personal development. The training is structured in a way that assures you can walk the talk and come honour integrity as you get to continue you own dive into self development, something many trainings fail to hold you accountable to. 

Community is at the centre of the Inner leadership' Academy and as the community has been growing exponentially during the past 5 years you are entering into a space with like minded humans who love to share their experience, encouragement and wisdom as rising tides lift all boats!

If this sounds like your space,  inquire below to find out which ILA pathway is for you. 

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First Step 

Let's discover what you are looking to create, where you are now and where you want to be. 


Speak to the team to get clear on which pathway is most suitable to assure you reach your dream outcome 

Choose your path & attend your activation call

We take your needs and goals very seriously and know how important it is for you to start making progress from the get-go. As soon as a pathway is chosen you will book an activation call with one of our lead coaches who will help you become crystal clear on what you want to achieve, where you feel you need to make progress, and where you currently feel stuck and what support you feel you need most. Assuring we can cater your experience making it as personalised as possible. 

Gain access to the ILA content from anywhere in the world

Everything is delivered online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

To give you an idea of the commitment, you’ll spend roughly 6-8 hours per week participating in the live online learning sessions (via Zoom), practicing your new skills through coursework and case studies, and connecting with fellow health and fitness professionals.

Meet Your Mentors 

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Both Callum and Yuliya have seen it all with a combined experience of 17 years in the coaching industry.  They’ve lived and breathed leadership and self-development coaching for a long time working with thousands of clients, and now they’re ready to share their hard-earned wisdom with you—every step of the way. Whether they’re reviewing your progress and giving feedback, answering your questions, or making recommendations on how you can improve, these master coaches have one goal: to help you become the best coach you can possibly be.

Weekly Online Video Modules 

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Once you have chosen the correct pathway for you you will gain instant access to the online video modules to work through at your own pace one module per week. 

Regardless of the level, you are at, a minimum of 5 hours per week will be required. Once you reach L2 a minimum of 8 hours per week will be optimal. 


Attend  your weekly live group coaching sessions 

Our world-class coaches will lead you through immersive coaching deep dives, demonstrations and teaching experiences each and every week personalising the content to you allowing you to learn via both osmosis, first-hand receiving and live feedback, Q&As and practice. 

Work through real challenges with your pre matched client 

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Once you are in L2 you will be paired up with 2 of your peers o, one to receive coaching from and the other for you to coach. The ILA circular coaching system creates a realistic and safe environment for you to practice your newfound skills in so you can be assured you are building the confidence and competence you desire. 

Join our ILA community 

Immerse yourself in our thriving community of IL coaches to share, network, inspire and encourage each other through the journey of running a coaching practice. This is your space to share ideas, ask questions, learn from more experienced coaches and share your knowledge.  

Earn your ILA L1 & L2 Certification Credentials 

Receiving the ILA certification is no easy feat. It requires dedication, a high standard of competence and full integration of the lessons. Once you have ticked the box for all competencies you will receive the gold standard of coaching certification that you can be proud of. 

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Inner Leadership Academy


Your journey to becoming a master leadership coach

You're only 3 steps away...

1.Book a Discovery Call

Jump on a free 30 min call with Callum to see if you and the program are the right match.

2.Join your desired program

Choose what level of program is most supportive for your current goals.

3.become a master coach

Embark on a journey that will transform both you and your coaching career.

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