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Creating The Highest Quality Coaches On The Planet


A new standard of
coaches going beyond the trend.

Coaching has become more and more popular over recent years however, for you, coaching isn't something you are dipping your toes in because it's popular, it's something you feel in your body that you are meant to do.
You have an undeniable drive to help humans transform their lives and you are ready to dive into your coaching journey now.  

Radical Authenticity. Radical Application. Radical Results. 


So you are ready
to be the exceptional coach you know you are capable of becoming...

The term “Coach” has become synonymous with irrational positivity and inconsistent standards when actually the reality is that powerful coaching comes via radical authenticity and devotion to the art and science of true transformation.
  Welcome to the new standard in coaching.


So which  one of  these are you?


9-5 WORKer



to transition to leading their own COACHING career 


WellBeing Professional



to up skill your

knowledge and

go deeper with clients 






to turn their passion into a profession 

We get It, there's no calling
quite like coaching 

Knowing you are truly making a difference. 

Living with passion & purpose

Experiencing the career  freedom  you desire 

No limits on your  Impact & income

An abundant coaching practice 

Becoming a respected leader in the coaching world 

Within the coaching world there's an upper echelon of leaders and they do things differently. 


This upper echelon knows the words leader and coach are synonymous.

They know a great coach leads from the front, they walk the talk and teach clients from their experience the tools which truly create independence, autonomy, freedom, and the confidence to transform their lives starting from within.  


"This is not another quick fix coaching program, it's a transformative experience."
"This training has been a powerful process for my own development and in turn has transformed my impact as a coach!" 

- Anne Espiritu - Wellbeing Coach Former Yahoo Executive

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Inner Leadership Academy  
Student Successes
Compassion 2021.png
Julia was employed enjoying her role as a nutritionist yet knew she wanted to offer more...
Daniel was a personal trainer ready 
to take his clients deeper into their transformation... 
IMG_6071 2.jpg
Charlotte was no longer satisfied in the 9-5 teaching role and decided to honour her passion to serve humans on a whole new scale!
Jamie's passion for helping humans 
had always driven him yet he knew he 
wanted to understand how to combine his sports therapy practice with a mindset coaching business 

Watch the latest

Inner Leadership Masterclass


Callum Hardingham 

So Who's
The Inner Leadership Coaching Academy Really For?

Guiding humans is a passion
Bringing the best from others is a gift 
Making an impact is essential 
Leading transformation is your focus 

Health & Wellness Professionals

You are a working fitness instructor, health coach, nutritionist, therapist, or any health professional who senses your clients need deeper work in order to initiate real transformation.

Q (1).pnghj.png

Intuitive Guides

You are often told by friends, family, and colleagues how much they value your guidance and would like to add formality to your skills.

Those Ready To Serve

You love seeing the light shine in other people’s eyes when your words impact them. You have a passion for helping others discover their potential.


The Skeptics

You are tired of the traditional “life coach” B.S. and ready to get real with yourself and others. You’re also ready to learn real, scientifically proven tools to inspire behavioral change in others.


The Entrepreneurs

You’re ready to finally step into a career you are passionate about and serve others meaningfully.

The Leaders
You’re ready to finally step into a career you are passionate about and serve others meaningfully.

What's Included In The 
Inner Leadership Coaching Academy 


Learn the tried and tested tools, structures, philosophies, and approaches of powerful coaches developed and established through over 10 years of coaching experience working with thousands of clients. 


Understand and learn what it truly takes to coach powerfully in order to facilitate radical transformation for your clients 


Develop your confidence and competence in a safe supportive environment allowing you to truly become ready to facilitate transformation in your client's lives by the time you receive your certification.

learn the final piece to the puzzle to assure you have clients knocking at your door ready to work with you. 


"This training truly changed my life!"

"After a matter of weeks I was starting to experience powerful personal shifts that had a huge impact on my capacity to show up for others." 

- Marissa Carr 

Health & Fitness Coach 


The Inner Leadership Academy
Certified Coach Course Will Help You


Create a service 

based business to 

achieve the impact you desire.


Grow your own 

personal development 

in many profound & powerful ways. 


Confidently & competently lead 

others to better themselves.  


See your true 

potential and understand how to bring that potential to life in yourself and others.


Gain a deeper 

understanding of

your own internal 

mechanics ruling your life. 


Build powerful 

confidence & courage 

as a coach and a leader of your own life. 


Lead a career from anywhere in the world 

on your time. 

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"Honestly life changing!"
"Going through the Inner Leadership Programme has been truly life changing. My mindset has never been in such a good place, I have a clear vision of how I want to show up in the world and how I want to serve. This exciting part, I now get to share this with my clients!" 

Jamie Fearn - Physio Therapist / Mindset Coach


Each week a class module will be released and it will include an ‘introduction video’ supported by tutorial videos with notes and worksheets to download and keep, teaching you everything you need to learn in each module as it's delivered.

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Q (3).pngklkk.png


Each module is delivered in an easy to follow format with supporting notes for all of the videos, tools and techniques covered during class. After each class, you will have an integration exercise which allows you to put the concepts you have learnt into action. You’ll also be using everything you have learnt to coach each other and this really works to boost your learning as it shows you how to coach first hand

All supported by...

Weekly Live

Group Coaching 

Each week a live group coaching session will bring all students together to receive coaching, dive deeper into content and of course have questions answered 

Weekly Q&A Coaches Corner

Each week a live Q&A 

session will be delivered to-of course-support any queries and questions you have whilst completing the course content, assuring you stay on track and connected to the material.

Q (4).pngjkjkjk.png

Weekly Integrative


Each week a new integrative meditation is created for you to complete daily to support the application and digestion of the course themes and material.  

1-2-1 Coaching 

With Lead Trainer 

Throughout the 16 weeks you will have two deep dive coaching sessions with a head coach, one at mid way intervals throughout level 1 & 2 of the training. These deep dive sessions are designed to support you with whatever is most valuable during these stages 

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"This took my career to a whole new level!
"Callum lives and breathes this journey which is reflected in this training. I have never experienced training which pulls so
much of my potential to the surface whilst keeping me accountable in bringing this potential  to life." 

-Dale Hancock  

International Speaker & Confidence Coach to Teens 


What You Will Learn In The Inner Leadership Coaching Academy

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled.png
5 copy.png
6 copy.png
7 copy.png
8 copy.png

  • A variety of tools and methodologies to manage internal conflicts, resolve limiting beliefs, re-align disempowering values, overcome trapped emotional blockages all to create absolute mental clarity, precision, and freedom of energy

  • To evolve your communication and mastery of linguistics– a coach’s most essential skill.

  • To dive deeply into your own personal transformation throughout the experience with the guidance of the coaching team.

  • Learn the business of coaching with precise instructions as to how to build a career and income from being a certified coach.

  • Learn the core characteristics of an exceptional coach.

  • Understand the 14 attitudes of personal development which, when mastered, will completely evolve the way you approach your challenges.

  • Learn the science of coaching & habitual change with methods to help build your confidence as a coach.

  • Master a goal formulation approach which covers every angle of creation & manifestation.

Meet the Inner Leadership Coaching Academy Lead Trainer 

Callum Hardingham 

Experience & Accreditation Summary

  • 12 Years Qualified Health & Fitness Professional

  • 10 Years Life Coaching Experience

  • Former Head Trainer of The Mindset Academy

  • Qualified Master Coach & Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Qualified Master Coach & Trainer of Hypnotherapy

  • Qualified Master Coach of Time Line Therapy

  • Motivational Maps Business Coach

  • Ayurvedic Practitioner

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga Trained

  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

  • Speaker for The Telegraph London

  • Bodypower UK speaker

  • Leisure Industries Week Speaker

  • Puregym UK Speaker

  • George (Asda) UK Speaker



“I wanted to learn from the best, and I knew that from working with Callum as a client he knows his stuff like no other.”

-Ursula Wastian

Former Marketing Advisor Now Inner leadership Coach 

Coaching Training & Certification 

This training is for leaders, aspiring coaches, and current coaches.


Essentially, if you are ready to add powerful skills, tools, and experiences supporting the areas of mindset & habitual/behavioral change, mindfulness, meditation, and many more transformational pieces to your approach to supporting your current and future clients' transformations.


It’s for you if you are interested in going deep in an online training environment, but don't simply desire a quick fix coaching program. 

Here's the thing, habitual change and transformational coaching are some of the most meaningful services you can offer a client's life. This training is the antithesis of the average factory-life-coach training course.


The Inner Leadership Coaching Academy creates a deeply immersive, all-inclusive format where you will dive deep into the meticulous strategies and scientifically proven practices that will help you offer the tools of lifestyle transformation to your clients in truly professional setting.

This coaching certification is for professionals looking to go deeper with their clients. We will introduce you to effective models to help shift deeply engrained mind-patterns and belief systems, which help an individual begin to master the most essential areas of their life. You will learn from proven models of mindset shift including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Language & Coaching Strategies, Inner Boardroom, Inner Leadership, emotional trauma release, and more. Learning these tools is like being given the master keys and blueprint to the human experience and the potential we all have for radical transformation. 

Finally, to be clear, before you can coach others in these practices, we believe you must start by stepping on the path of the living model someone who embodies the practices.  The format of this training will require you to apply these principles to your life first, before applying them to clients. The curriculum is equal parts of personal transformation and application and highly practical career knowledge. You will leave this training prepared to begin offering these paid services for clients in order to have thriving coaching based on the results you create for clients and the income you achieve in your coaching business.

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Course Length:

6 Months  


Inner Leadership Life Coach Level 1 & 2

NLP Practitioner Certification

Course Location:

Why Become an Inner Leadership Coach?

As a service based professional,  one of the most frustrating moments is when you realise your current skills are not adequate to help clients make the deep life transformation they require.


For instance, clients often come for a workout, or for diet advice, but it becomes immediately apparent deeper work is necessary.


In nearly every profession, a crucial moment comes when your client needs to change a deeply ingrained habit or behavior. Many wellness professionals avoid this crucial moment without realising there are proven tools to initiate and sustain habit change. 

The Inner leadership Method will give you a host of tools, techniques, and approaches to help your clients initiate and sustain deep, meaningful changes in their life. You will be taken behind the curtains of the human decision-making process that dictates all choices and behaviour . The Inner Leader Method is a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, Motivational psychology, all weaved into the ancient philosophies of yoga & holistic wellbeing. Sparking transformation in another person is perhaps the most valuable skill you could learn.

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 10.56.08.png

What's different about it the Inner Leadership Coaching Academy? 


 Designed with  Wellbeing Professionals, & Self Development         Enthusiasts in Mind
This training is designed for existing health and wellness professionals, those ready to transition from a job to a career in coaching, and those fascinated with self-development who can immediately apply these tools to enhance their offerings to existing clients.

Holistic Integrative Approach

Our teachers equally value all aspects of coaching and leadership including approaches and practices from both eastern and western traditions.

High Standards For Certification

As many other courses assume certification simply via attendance.

This is not the bar set during the Inner Leadership Academy. Instead, you will have an assessment to be complete during the course and you will also be required to complete 60 hours of trainee coaching sessions in order to qualify for certification. You will be supported through this as our intention is for the highest competency and confidence of all our coaches.

Hands-On Approach

A common mantra of the academy is action, action, action and this truly some up our approach to creating confident, competent powerful coaches. You will be supported early on in the academy journey to work alongside an accountability coach/ fellow student, whilst being given highly engaging practical activities to support your journey and assure the moment your certification is given is the moment you are ready to thrive as a coach. 

What will you leave with upon completing the Inner leadership Coaching Academy 


2 copy.png

An NLP Certification assures you are highly proficient  in the art of coaching communication and laser-focused results. NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is an incredible collective body of coaching / therapy tools and techniques notoriously proficient in creating powerful yet sustainable results in a short space of time. 


An Inner Leader Coaching Certification gives you an array of integrative coaching tools and experience to truly master your unconscious mind and help guide your clients to do the same. Inner leadership methods are highly practical, instantaneously applicable, and immensely powerful in their capacity to shift a clients mindset, self-sabotaging patterns and limiting behaviours.  

Why you can't book your place directly from this page

Although you may be feeling inspired to take the next step now, we pride ourselves on assuring all students are embarking on a journey that's absolutely a fit for their needs and, of course, complimentary for the Inner leadership Academies values and mission for the coaching world. 



For this reason, we invite all potential students to simply book a call with a coaching team member below in order to have all your questions answered, share your aspiration for attending, explore the investment options available and know this academy is the right fit for you. 

To book your call please use the link below. 

 InnerLeader Coach Certification

You will leave with a Inner Leader Life Coaching Certification 


NLP Certification

You will also receive a practitioner level certification through the American Board for Hypnotherapy and NLP from coming on this course.


Worldwide community

Our trainings draw diverse groups of students from all over the world. You’ll leave with a community to continue to inspire you to reach your potential in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I don't want to be a coach, can I still take the training?

A: While you don’t need to want to become a full-time coach, this training is exclusively for people interested in applying to their existing work or becoming a full time coach.

Q: What is the typical age range?

A: The age range is typically anywhere from 24-50 years old. The average age is usually around 32 years old.

Q: What are the pre-requisites for attending?

A: You will benefit from already being involved in a service based industry for example, currently working as a wellness practitioner or teacher. That includes (but is not limited to): Health Coach, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Nutritionist, Doctor, or Teacher. This being said, it is not essential that you are already in one of these roles. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, the academy has a payment plan option which can be discussed during an application call. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a spot. If for some reason you cannot attend the training, you can apply your deposit to a training at a later date. 

Q: Does The Inner Leadership Academy license or regulate coaches? 

A: The Inner Leadership Academy© Inner Leader Coaching is an educational program. Certification signifies coaches have fulfilled the basic requirements of the Inner Leadership Academy© course. Professional responsibility education is provided to all coaches who have completed the Inner Leader Coach Training. The Inner Leadership Academy only certifies coaches they believe will conduct themselves at the highest level of professional and ethical standards. The Inner Leadership Academy© cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual coaches.

Q: Is The Inner Leader Life Coach Training ICF Certified? 

A: There is no authorised governing body for life coaching, however we acknowledge and respect all Associations (including the ICF) and some life coaches are linked to these Associations as ‘members’.

Today as it stands there are no legal regulations on coaching or coaching requirements in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world and these Associations have been set up to try and offer some regulation for all forms of coaches and as we regulate our own coaches at The Inner Leadership Academy, holding them to the very highest standards, we therefore do not believe it necessary to buy membership to these Companies.

A: As a student at The Inner Leadership  Academy if you wish to personally become a member of an association you will be eligible for Affiliate Membership at The Coaching Association once you have completed and become certified from 'The Inner Leader Life Coach Academy'. If you wish to become a member of the ICF this course will help you start that journey.