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8-Day exponential Advantage Immersive

January 2023

"Authenticity is the cure to competition" - Naval Ravikant

  • If you would like to access and activate your greatest advantage and step into 2023 ready to recognise and realise your potential

  • If you are ready to master the greatest tech this world has ever known

  • If you are ready to step into a self-leadership container that holds you accountable to becoming exceptional


The Inner Leadership Advantage 8-Day Immersive is the space for you.

Unlike the full certification, you will dive into a weeklong experience that marinates you in mindset mastery and surrounds you with fellow practitioners there to build you up, support, encourage you and share their wisdom in an immersive deep dive.


Join our team and fellow Inner leadership Graduates for a dive into the user manual for the human mind.


"Mankind will only ever create a poor version of nature’s perfection." - CRH

As the world rushes to advance technology outside of us we are seemingly forgetting that we are still at the beginner’s stage of our own species and barely have a handle on the operating vehicle we call the human body and mind.


As we are simply scratching the surface of our potential it’s time to turn the lens back towards ourselves, however, to understand what we are truly capable of we must first learn to manage the chaos our mind creates, understand the laws of the mind we must all learn to leverage and come back to a deeper sense of peace and presence in order to bring our potential to life.


During the 8-day Advantage

You'll be learning about

  • The 8 Essential steps for transformation

  • The 4 A’s. After over a decade of coaching humans from all over the world, these 4As are what everyone is looking for yet most will never know how to find nor fulfil them.

  • The 3 Choices dictating your quality of life and how to use them to direct your decisions

  • The 2 points of focus you must learn to master in order to create what you actually want in your life

  • The 1 Model for the mind you must know in order to master behavioural change and be able to explain it in digestible ways to your peers, students, clients and loved ones.

  • The 10,000-year-old secrets of the mind that will give you the advantage.

You will also be learning directly from live coaching experiences


Deep dives into a core section of the Inner Leadership Academy Level 1 Content (The Road Map to self-development mastery)


In the Inner Leadership Advantage 8-Day Immersive

You will learn practical approaches to spiritual and self-development taught in digestible ways that allow you to apply, integrate and create value from the get-go


You will learn what it takes to be an exceptional leader and coach


You will learn how to prepare yourself for success by creating a structure that is aligned with your unique energy


You will learn how to prepare your mind for the challenging yet rewarding adventure growth and transformation inevitably creates


Here's the thing,

Waiting for motivation to occur may leave you waiting forever,  taking action creates the motivation, momentum and the results you deserve to create.

Waiting for the ideal time is an illusion 

The ideal time doesn't exist.

But the best time can be created through  powerful decisions .

This is your opportunity to make powerful decision, a decision to upgrade, your inner software, a decision to raise your standard, a decision to stop putting up with mediocre and start creating exceptional.


"O me, O life, of the questions of these recurring. Of the endless trains of the faithless. Of cities filled with the foolish. What good, amid these, O me, O Life? Answer: That you are here. That life exists an identity. That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse," That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

What will your verse be?

This is an 8 Day Immersion. There are only 30 spots available. It will be held virtually, over Zoom. You will receive the recordings of every session, once we are complete.


We begin January 11th, 2023 and we end on January 18th, 2023


Session Times:

Wednesday – January 11th – 10:30 AM (4 Hours)

Thursday – January 12th – 10 AM (4.5 Hours)

Friday – January 13th – 10 AM (4.5 Hours)

Monday – January 16th – 10 AM (4.5 Hours)

Tuesday – January 17th – 10 AM(4.5 Hours)

Wednesday – January 18th – 10 AM (3 Hours)

Your Investment

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