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You're in!   You've taken the first step toward creating an epic life.

Thank you for joining me for Setting Up For Success. I know you are ready to take action and create powerful change in your life. Together, that’s what we’re going to do. 

Here are your first action steps:


1. Mark your calendar for the dates of Setting Up For Success because you won’t want to miss a minute: 

  • Kickoff Sunday 9/18 at 6 pm CEST

  • Day 2 9/19 at 9 am CEST

  • Day 3 9/20 at 9 am CEST

  • Day 4 9/21 at 9 am CEST

  • Day 5 9/22 at 9 am CEST

  • Day 6 9/23 at 6 pm CEST

  • Day 7 9/24 at 9 am CEST


2. If you attend all of the live trainings, you’ll be entered for a giveaway. More details coming soon.

3. Join my ´A´ Game Club to get more access – I’ll do a live session follow up every day of Setting Up for Success where I go in-depth on the training, answer your questions, and give you a chance to share your experience. The ´A´ Game Club will be a tight-knit group where we go deep and make change together. You can join soon! I assure you the price will at least double closer to the event, so don’t wait if you want in.