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Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking 

'Own Your Stage' 

Is a 6 Week Program that will help you to comfortably turn your fear of public speaking into your greatest super power so you can own your stage, deliver your message with confidence and truly make the impact you desire!

"Not conquering your fear of public speaking risks your talents, gifts and wisdom never being seen or heard, your impact never being made and your success never being realised!"  
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Who's this course for?

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You are ready 

to step up and start showing the world what you know and what you have to offer. 

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You know you have

so much passion and potential that your audience would benefit from experiencing and you are truly ready to make an impact. 

You feel the limit 

of fear, anxiety, insecurity in some form and that frustrates you!

You're tired

of holding yourself back and know it's time to break through the mental blockages to finally learn to harness your power, overcome your fears, and courageously step onto your stage with true confidence, authenticity and purpose!

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"Callum & Ryans leadership has allowed me to finally get out of my own way and lead others by presenting my message powerfully." 

Anne Espiritu -

Former Yahoo Executive

What you can expect

This Programme will give you the tools, skills and mental shifts to feel confident, prepared and ALIVE when you step on any stage in-person or online. 

"Being able to step on stage confidently is the most alive I have ever felt in my life. It was the most connected I have ever felt to an audience, they hung off my every word." 

Greg Halama -

 Life Coach 


6 Weeks of support including: 

Weekly Virtual Trainings Modules 

Live Coaching Experiences

Like Minded Supportive Community 

Leadership & Coaching From Experienced Speakers 

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A Closer Look At The 6 Weeks 



This training runs over a six week period starting June 21st finishing July 19th. During this time you will be taken through 6 modules, one supporting each week theme which is then combined with a live group coaching/ activity call to help integrate the lessons from the modules. 


Each week is designed to sequentially breakdown your internal blockages whilst building your confidence and competence to own your stage. 

Each week addresses a particular performance block whilst introducing a specific activity to not only build confidence and competence,  but also, refine your message, voice and delivery!


Combining practices from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and a long list of both western and eastern approaches to human performance, This training lays a large emphasis on the internal mechanics of your mindset, beliefs and deeper behavioural traits that are currently holding your speaking power hostage, whilst, of course, teaching you the most key skills a powerful public speaker must have and how to integrate them into your personal tool kit. 


During the training you will have the opportunity to present to the 'Own Your Stage' community receiving constructive feedback and support along the way. You will also be introduced to the ToastMasters stage as you have the opportunity to test your skills outside of the 'Own Your Stage' environment. 

Not only this, but also weekly activities to challenge your comfort zone speak live to your audience and the 'OYS' community which will absolutely support you in radically transforming your stage & camera presents to grab your audiences attention engage them deeply and impart your powerful message along the way.  

Defining Your WHY 

Week 1 
  • Defining your purpose, the reason and the drive to overcome the fear you experience

  • Refining the reasons why you must bring your “why” forward


Limiting beliefs

Week 2 
  • Recognizing out of date beliefs then learning to let them go by understanding the mind and its self sabotaging patterns

Creating New Beliefs

Week 3 

  • Creating a new instruction manual for the mind using meditation, visualization, behavioural  integration techniques 

The Power of Play

Week 4 
  • Challenge your comfort zone to make discomfort your friend rather than enemy using  Improv  techniques to get out of your own way.

Week 5 

Taking Your Leap  

  • Creating external anchors to create internal states to be used before you go on any stage

Lighting Your Torch 

Week 6 
  • Understanding how to deliver a powerful talk or presentation

  • Non-verbal communication strategies

  • Vocal & visual tools

Week 5 now brings everything together from previous weeks giving you the opportunity to own your stage in the OYS community + start showing your new skills to your own audience and global audiences within ToastMasters.  This week honours action and the power of learning by doing AKA leaping. 


This training also focuses on many different practical stage presence 

and ownership keys tips both Callum and Ryan feel have been foundations of their performances. These tips will be offered each and every week. 

Note that alongside the course modules described above, a weekly group coaching / activity call will also be included which will be where a lot of the magic happens including having your own personal questions answered, practicing your new skills and receiving lot's of valuable feedback from the team!

Also know that as this is the first time delivering in this format Callum and Ryan will be very conscious of your unique needs and be sure to direct the content in a way which aims to meet them. 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Callum for the past 10 years, and I can tell you without doubt that I wouldn't be where I am without his guidance and mentorship.
Callum has has spoken on both my online and offline stages and if this is the path you wish to pursue you could not be in better hands. Callum educates, captivates and motivates in ways that very few can."

Laura Phillips -

 Entrepreneur & Founder of Love To Launch  

Meet Your Trainers 

Callum R Hardingham

Callum’s public speaking and leadership positions started in 2011 after being on a Neuro linguistic Programing course that involved learning how to tell powerful stories Callum first recognised his fear of public speaking and within moments after had to face it!


Although Callum was working 121 with clients at the time also delivering group exercise classes he wasn’t particularly focused on becoming someone who speaks on stage for a living however, this moment of fear and the feeling of suffocation was so confronting he became laser focused on conquering this so he could speak powerfully, own his stage and inspire his audiences in the process. 


PERSONAL POWER.jpg cxa.jpg

After the somewhat challenging experience during the course Callum attended he realised that he would need to overcome this if he was ever to lead his own workshops, presentations and events but more importantly Callum also realised this limit of speaking his truth was not just on the formal stage but truly showing up in all areas of life and on reflection was stealing away his capacity to enjoy life. 


Taking this blockage into his own hands this became one of the leading reasons Callum choose to invest into and sign up for a  6 week training in Thailand dedicated to both public speaking and becoming a trainer of neurolinguistic programming. 


He figured throwing himself into the deep end for him was the only way. You see his vision evolved to sharing what he had been learning in depth about the mind, human behaviour,  performance and self leadership were vital tools for health professionals and he would be the man to teach this knowledge to them, 


Now this wasn’t easy, the 6 weeks deeply challenged Callum, it challenged his ownership of his story, his belief in being welcome to present on the same stages as those far more experienced and his belief that it was actually possible for him to one day be a confident, inspiring and engaging speaker. 


Callum kept the faith in this potential and trusted the guidance of his trainers 


After completing this 6 week experience and becoming one of the youngest trainers of NLP in the world at the time, Callum finally started to feel empowered in his voice, confident in his ability to present, and ready to share this with the world. 


Since 2012 Callum has gone on to create the first ever coaching certification and training dedicated to educating health & wellbeing professionals in mindset and human behaviour, allowing him thousands of hours on the stage delivering trainings, workshops and events both throughout the UK and Ireland 

And soon  became one of the main speakers on the UK’s most prestigious stages in the health & wellbeing world back in 2015. 


Callum now not only speaks regularly, but has this as a cornerstone of his business and career, often facilitating online trainings, leading live workshops, leading in-person events, speaking at toastmaster gatherings, guest speaking at retreats and leading courses to train life coaches. 


An so to summarise `Callums journey took him from fearfully and reluctantly stepping onto his first stage with a quivering lip, a restricted voice eyes unable to focus on the audience to confidently owning his stage no matter the platform, wherever, whenever. This is something Callum has spent thousands of hours training and developing and now it’s safe to safe he’s clear on what it take to own the stage. 

Alongside Ryan Miller, Callum is now ready to start sharing the most key mindset shifts, belief changes, skills, points of wisdom and tips that will undoubtedly change your relationship with the stage but perhaps more importantly, transform the way you show up to your life 


Here’s to true confidence and true freedom.

Callum's list of notable speaking appearances include



The Telegraph London 

George Asda 

BodyPower UK 

Leisure Industries Week 

Virgin Active UK 

Puregym UK 

Laura Phillips Retreats 


L.E.A.P Events 

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After attending 'Own Your Stage' you will know how to master your mind and emotions to step on your stage with courage, without anxiety, with clarity and without the unbearable fear that steals away your power to present your message!

Ryan Lee Miller 
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Ryans speaking journey started at a very young age, 2nd grade actually. 

He struggled with a speaking disability, and it was clear because from 2nd grade all the way through high school he had to take speaking classes just to be at a normal speaking level.

This was crippling to his self image.


Once he graduated from school he studied to be a PT (Personal Trainer), still lacking the verbal confidence to truly lead people.

In this new situation one person came along that truly believed in him, and this person became Ryans first mentor.

This person was the lead salesman for a very large fitness organization (LA Fitness), so Ryan got the invitation (and took it) to start selling fitness memberships, equipment, and training programs.


Through this mentor he got to understand the art of persuasion and connection between people.


Ryan’s education on speaking did not come from traditional education, but instead from acquiring mentors that were doing the things he wanted to be able to do.


These mentors would challenge him to social interactions, leadership opportunities, and even getting on stage at a Toastmasters event (his biggest fear).


Years later Ryan is now president of two Toastmasters clubs internationally, training people how to speak on stages around the world, and working with groups of people focused around inner leadership skills to create the outcomes they desire.


So yes, from desperation to inspiration, but it all started with an invitation!

Ryan's list of notable speaking experience 

President of two Toastmasters International clubs 

Head Of Internal Culture at the Contentment Foundation 

Co-leader of L.E.A.P Events 

Speaker at Green School 

Speaker at Corbett Preparatory School 

Powerful Content Examples


Ready to discover how you can overcome the fear of public speaking and finally own your stage? 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How many people will be doing the course?  

Minimum of 8 and maximum of 22 people will be able to attend the program this time around 

How much time will I need to devote the program each week? 

Inclusive of both the weekly modules and the weekly group call, we suggest a minimum of 3 hours will be required. 

 Will what I learn during an online program translate to in-person events? 

Yes absolutely. Everything taught will encourage the internal mindset shifts required for any stage virtual or in-person.