Our why is the deeper meaning behind what we are doing, for us this is most important.

They both come from households of fear and limitation, as most of us do. They grew up living in those limitations for an extended amount of time, so long that it became an obvious detriment to their health and wellbeing. 

As we know, change either comes from DESPERATION or INSPIRATION. When they started to make life shifts, it began with desperation. So to create the lasting change they took action from inspiration, but not alone, with support of many leaders, innovators, speakers, mentors, and coaches.

Now through this journey from DESPERATION to INSPIRATION they realized...

This is what Callum and Ryan spent their entire lives cultivating. Either directly through mentors, workshops, and other trainings or indirectly through mindfulness, movement, and exploration/adventure.

This is an extension of what already lights us up, now we get to bring it forward to the world!