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Learn how to start bringing your thriving career vision to life through 3 powerful Inner Leadership™ meditations 

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Hey Inner Leader

We're excited to introduce you to the Inner Leader Academy, the online community and education platform dedicated to delivering the road map to empowered leadership and impact. 

Whether you are currently transitioning into your new career or setting the actions in motion, we are here to assure you access your greatest leadership capacity to assure you create the vehicle and impact your desire to serve from. 

After guiding many entrepreneurs and fellow service driven leaders alike across the globe we truly hope we’ll be able to guide you to fulfil the same wish. 

With courage and love 

Callum & Ryan 

Co-founders of the Inner Leader Academy™





Design bullet proof goals for your future path to inform your present situation whilst understanding how to truly connect to your deepest purpose, vision and gifts and finally bring them to life.

Follow an in depth pathway to Inner Leadership proven to radically upgrade your capacity to build freedom, choice, direction, clarity, purpose, passion and confidence into your life's mission. 

Make connections, get support and build relationships with other like-minded creatives. Connect with fellow leaders of like minds building 3 of the most essential ingredients  for sustainable success- encouragement, support and accountability  

Receive support from dedicated, highly experienced coaches who will assure you gain the most value, experience and understanding to apply to your unique career vision.

Lead your career
from the drivers seat
of your optimal potential 

What Is Inner Leadership?

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First & foremost, your inner leadership capacity and ability is what’s determining your ability to direct your life if the way you desire most! Effective Inner leadership is what will determine your ability to be bold, courageous, confident and clear when approaching any goal or task Effective Inner leadership is the key to creating a fulfilling life which offers the autonomy, personal authority and authorship we can all access Effective Inner Leadership is a mindset and a way of being which determines your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Effective Inner leadership is the core contributing factor determining wether you feel you have the freedom, meaning, connection and level of purpose you desire In life.


A raw, resonant practical approach to personal development  

Ursula Wastian - Life Coach 

The moment I committed to doing this training my life changed. The training has been transformative in so many ways. Honestly I found my purpose. Thank you guys! 

Marissa Carr, Health & Mindset Coach 

I used to think love limited me now i kn

What our members acces

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Bi-weekly world class group coaching Instant access to 20+hours of Inner leader mindset & coaching content Instant access to a meditation library + monthly themed meditations Monthly challenges designed to support your goals + quarterly goal support facilitated by academy leaders Quarterly themed courses including Bullet Proof Goals, Solving Stress, Finding Flow and Turning Fear Into Fuel Guest expert speakers in areas such as health, mindset, mindfulness, public speaking, coaching, wealth and relationships Reduced rate on all Inner Leadership Events

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Deliver service driven leaders the inner road map to an empowered career & impact 


Ryan Miller 


Callum Hardingham

 Experienced NGO Team Leader 

President Of Toast Masters Bali Ubud 

 Retreat Co-ordinator 

International Speaker 

 Wellbeing & Contentment Coach


 5 Years Health & Fitness Professional


 NLP Coach 

Adventure Addict

Co-Founder Of The Inner Leader Academy 

 Master Mindset Coach 

 TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy & NLP Master Coach/ Trainer 

International Speaker 

 10 Years Holistic Health Professional


 Corporate Mental Health Trainer


 Yoga /Ayurveda  Practitioner


 Personal Development Geek


 Ninja Warrior U.K Finalist 

Co-Founder Of The Inner Leader Academy 

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Ursula Wastian - Life Coach

"As a coach, being a part of this program has changed the way I show up for others and most importantly for myself!"


Michael Schultheis - Artist

"I am a full time artist, which means my lifestyle is intense. Being a part of a training this powerful, easy access, and simplified has changed the game for me."


Marissa Carr,Health & Mindset Coach 

The moment I committed to doing this training my life changed. The training has been transformative in so many ways. Honestly I found my purpose. Thank you guys! 

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