The mindset, soulset and business mastermind for high performance male leaders ready to reach true mastery. 

Become the leader you know you can be - create the business you know you can have

leave the legacy you know you are here for


An impact you will be remembered for. 


A path walked with integrity supported by a brotherhood holding you to your highest standard


Bringing to life what wants to live through you in each breath & navigating your journey with light in your eyes and fire in your belly is a non-negociable from this point onwards

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Know you are being 

held accountable to your 

greatest potential 

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Lay the foundation for

a legacy you can

be proud of

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Accomplish 6 figures and beyond through a soul led impact driven career path

"to those that don't know a Black Belt is someone who has completed the game.


BUT in REAlity as a black belt you know you are finally ready to start."

will you answer the call?

The statue of Kusunoki Masashige, a famed Japanese samurai, near the Imperial Palace in To

There comes a time in a mans life where his mind questions
"If not now, when?" 

There comes a time when a man
has become aware of his power, his burning desire, and his calling to greatness yet he knows he is yet to take the leap. 


In these times a man must be prepared to answer the call. To set forth on the greatest adventure of his life to date.

"When you allow what is within you to live through you, what is within you will save you"

"When you don't allow what is within you to live through you what is within you will destroy you." 

You don't have to nor should you go on this journey alone! 


You are ready to create a business and career path that is soul aligned generating six figures and beyond

You are willing to do the inner work required to become the man who you know you are capable of being, the man that leads your kingdom with honor and integrity, carving and crafting a legacy that long out lives you. 

Black belt is a no bullshit space for powerful men to rise together in their mission supporting each other, having each others backs and holding eachother to a standard of excellence. 


Invite only 

How we work

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Take the leap to commit to your Black Belt journey.

Establish and define your first section goal + a legacy defining deep dive session to put all abitions through the soul aligned mission test 

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Attend as many sessions as possible throughout the 10 months with honor, integrity, vulnerabilty, authenticity, the willingness to embrace the discomfort and take action like never before. 


Achieve your goals and greater!

A 10 MONTH MASTERMIND DELIVERED VIA Bi-Weekly 2 hour GROUP LIVES rotating from Inner work to Outer work. 

Inner:    ENERGY WORK, Shadow work, Wildman work, Healing, Parts, Money                Programs, 

Outer:   Business, strategy, tools, mission, vision. (What is required to bring your vision to life and fuel it financially to the level deserved)


Pay in full 

25k GBP   

20% deposit to secure spot with remaining balance complete within 30 days  

Instalment Model

27.5k GBP 

20% Deposit followed by 3 - 6 instalments of the remaining amount